The Only One


    TheOnlyOne is a one-of-one garment at the price of $100,000 with an experience reserved for the elite. The garment itself is hand woven egyptian cotton tailored to your exact body measurments. Once purchased it will be hand delivered by our founder to your front door in a chauffeured Mercedes-Benz Maybach complete with champagne and your full use of the automobile for the rest of the day should you so decide. The garment itself will be delivered in a hand-crafted African Mahogany wood box complete with silk lining to protect the garment as well as two champagne glasses with your initials monogrammed on each glass. Our chauffeur will supply champagne as a toast in your honor in front of press cameras when the garment is delivered and personal letter from our founder on parchment commending you for your purchase.

To purchase TheOnlyOne please email: